Change of Program Director/Principal Investigator/Change to Multiple PI Plan

A request for a change of program director/principal investigator (PD/PI) is subject to the prior approval of NIDA program officer and grants management specialist. Recipients must request a change of PD/PI when the original PD/PI will withdraw from the project entirely or be absent from a project for three or more consecutive months. The following grant mechanisms are not eligible to request a change of Program Director/Principal Investigator: fellowships, career (K) and R00 awards.

Additionally, the recipient is required to submit a prior approval request to the NIDA program officer and grants management specialist (GMS) if:

  • There is a change from a multiple PI (MPI) model to a single PI model
  • There is a change from a single PI model to a multiple PI model
  • There is a change in the number or makeup of the PIs on a multiple PI award

NIH must approve any alternate arrangement proposed by the recipient, including any replacement of the PD/PI or senior/key personnel named in the NoA, and the addition of any new PD/PIs.

Submitting Your Change of PD/PI Request (2 options)

  1. Electronic submission of change of PD/PI requests is strongly encouraged (Prior Approval Module). Please see links under the ‘references’ section for information regarding submitting a change of PD/PI request electronically, via the prior approval eRA module, as well as an eRA Commons user guide.
  2. Recipients can submit change of PD/PI requests to the grants specialist and program officer via email, from the authorized organization representative (AOR).   See instructions, as follows:
    • Official requests for a change of PD/PI or a change in the MPI plan are submitted to NIDA grants management specialist and program official from the recipient’s authorized organization representative (AOR), via email and must include the following:
    • The reason for the requested change, including any proposed changes in scope.
    • An assurance that an official relationship is in place between the recipient organization and the proposed replacement PI, even if the relationship does not involve a salary or other form of remuneration.
    • A biographical sketch of the proposed new PI (see Biographical Sketch, from the PHS 398).
    • Updated other support (see Other Support Format page, from the PHS 398)
    • Certification of human subjects training if the proposed new PI will be working with human subjects.
    • Details on any budget changes resulting from the change in PI.
    • A new or revised Leadership Plan is required if the request is to change from a single PD/PI model to a multiple PD/PI model, or to change the number or makeup of the PD/PIs on a multiple PD/PI award. The Commons ID must be provided for any new PD/PIs.

Please note that the requirement to obtain NIDA prior approval for a change in status pertains only to those personnel NIH designates in the NoA regardless of whether the recipient designates others as senior/key personnel for its own purposes.

NIDA Staff Responsibilities

Both the assigned PO and GMS will review the AOR-submitted request. If the request is approved, your institution will receive a revised NoA. If the request is denied or additional information is necessary, you will receive email notification from your GMS.

Recipients are strongly encouraged to contact your NIDA program official and grants management specialist with any questions about a possible change of PD/PI or changes to an MPI leadership plan. The telephone number and email address of your NIDA Program Officer and your NIDA Grants Specialist are available in the eRA Commons, on your Notice of Award, and are also available here, at NIH NED.