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Reductions in fatal overdoses after prison with MAT
NIH Releases First Dataset from ABCD study
Marijuana drug use increasing during pregnancy
Hospital best practices linked to opioid dispensing

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NIDAMED’s mission is to disseminate science-based resources to health professionals on the causes and consequences of drug use and addiction, and advances in pain management.

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Addiction Science

Opioid Information

Opioid Prescribing

Pain Management

Medical Marijuana


Two Brief Online Validated Adolescent Substance Use Screening Tools — NIDA's Clinical Trials Network

Video explaining the NIDAMED Web Portal

Patient Resources

Safeguarding Medicines

Safe disposal for unused medicines

Disposal of Unused Medicines: What You Should Know - FDA



Accessing Clinical Trial Information

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    NIH Addresses the Opioid Crisis

    Need a tool to help people stay drug-free?

    NIDA Notes: The Latest in Drug Abuse Research

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    SAMHSA’s Knowledge Network is a comprehensive online resource of behavioral health training, technical assistance, and workforce development for the health care community.

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