NIDA Diversity Scholars Network (NDSN)

Program Contact: Dr. Albert Avila.

The NDSN is a competitive, rigorous, and comprehensive program aimed at enhancing the funding success of underrepresented early-stage investigators conducting substance abuse and addiction research.  The NDSN program consists of two separate meetings with an interim application development period to assist scholars in applying for and receiving NIH career development awards and research grants.  The Part I meeting focuses on the fundamentals of NIH grant applications and includes: individual research proposal feedback; discussion of relevant NIH funding mechanisms, the NIH review process, application strategies, as well as other professional development presentations.  Scholars will be paired with an experienced scientist to discuss their research proposal which will be used as the basis for their NDSN mock review grant application.  Scholars have the option to maintain periodic contact with their mentors following the Part I meeting to further develop and seek feedback on their draft NIH application.  The NDSN Part II meeting consists of a mock review of each participants’ draft NIH grant application followed by an open discussion with the review panel on common grant writing pitfalls and strategies.

All participants accepted to the program are required to participate in both the Part I and Part II meetings.

The deadline for the 2020 NDSN program is January 31, 2020. Information and application instructions for the 2020 NDSN can be found on the following document: 
2020 NDSN Call for Applications [PDF 150KB]