Office of the DTMC Director (OD)

What We Do:

Provides leadership and direction to the varied activities of the Division’s programs. He is assisted in this endeavor by staff who coordinate the functional areas of the OD, DTMC. The Informatics Unit, residing in the OD, DTMC, designs, develops, integrates, supports, and provides information technology tools, customized applications, informatics support, bio-informatics programs, and support for scientific computing. The functional areas within the OD, DTMC provide policy and technology transfer guidance, program development and evaluation, and overall operational, administrative, and budgeting coordination for the Division. The OD, DTMC works closely with the OD, NIDA in establishing relationships with other Government agencies and health organizations, Congress, academia, and the private sector.

Staff Biographies and Research Interests:

  • Kurt Rasmussen, Ph.D. - Director
    Dr. Rasmussen is an internationally recognized neuroscientist, who specializes in basic addiction research and drug development.  Dr. Rasmussen has extensive knowledge of neuropsychiatric and neurological therapeutics and is known for his expertise in pharmaceutical discovery research from hypothesis generation to clinical candidate evaluation.  As Director of the Division of Therapeutics and Medical Consequences, Dr. Rasmussen directs NIDA’s Medications Development Program, evaluating the safety and efficacy of pharmacotherapies, behavioral therapies, and devices to treat substance use disorders through peer reviewed grants, contracts, and interagency agreements.  Previous experience includes 28 years at Eli Lilly. He joined NIDA in April 2018. 
  • Ivan Montoya, M.P.H., M.D., - Deputy Director
    Dr. Montoya is a psychiatrist and epidemiologist who specializes in the development of therapeutics for Substance Use Disorders (SUDs). He provides programmatic oversight for grants and contracts in DTMC, and manages activities and resources of the Division involved in the research of new therapeutics and the medical consequences of SUDs. He also provides medical oversight to grants and contracts, as well as supports NIDA’s implementation of NIH wide policies for the Clinical Trials Stewardship Initiative. He leads NIDA’s marijuana medications development initiative and the recently published funding opportunity for the development of medications to prevent opioid use disorders and overdose, which is part of the NIH’s Public Private Partnership to combat the opioid use crisis. He collaborates with the IRP in research projects, with NIDA’s International Office in the Latin American Initiative, and is a member of several scientific interest workgroups. Previous experience includes seven years as a clinical investigator in the Intramural Research Program of NIDA, and four years in academia. He joined NIDA in December 1999.
  • David J. McCann. Ph.D., - Associate Director
    Provides leadership, programmatic oversight, and direction for all DTMC pharmacotherapy development projects, with a special interest in clinical trial design.  Leads the Division in establishing partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotech companies.  Received a B.S. in Pharmacy from the Albany College of Pharmacy in 1981 and his Ph.D. from the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, SUNY Buffalo in 1988. After serving as a Staff Fellow and then a Senior Staff Fellow at the NIDA Intramural Research Program, joined the NIDA Extramural Program medications development team in 1992.
  • Aida M. Klun, M.B.A., PMP, - Program Analyst
    Plans, coordinates, and executes the administrative and managerial aspects of the Division. Assists the Director, DTMC with special research and analysis projects, personnel management, project management and strategic planning, procurement, space and property management, special events, presentations, special projects, operations and clinical trial budgets, technology transfer and other business-related interactions with private industry and academia, in support of divisional planning and evaluation activities. Joined DTMC in 1997.