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Research Studies

Protocol Number Enrollment Status
Linkage to Hepatitis C Virus Care among HIV/HCV Co-infected Substance Users CTN-0064 Enrolling
Tobacco, Alcohol, Prescription Medications, and Substance Use/Misuse Brief screen/assessment tool (TAPS Tool) CTN-0059 Completed
Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment in Primary Care (SBIRT-PC): An add-on project to “Duke University CMS Innovation Award Southeastern Diabetes Initiative” CTN-0057 Completed
Testing and Linkage to HIV Care in China: a Cluster Randomized Trial CTN-0056 Completed
Comparing Treatments for HIV-Positive Opioid Users in an Integrated Care Effectiveness Study (CHOICES) CTN-0055 Completed
Accelerated Development of Additive Pharmacotherapy Treatment (ADAPT) CTN-0054 Completed
Achieving Cannabis Cessation: Evaluating N-Acetylcysteine Treatment (ACCENT) CTN-0053 Completed
A Randomized Controlled Evaluation of Buspirone for Relapse-Prevention in Adults with Cocaine Dependence (BRAC) CTN-0052 Completed
Extended-Release Naltrexone vs. Buprenorphine for Opioid Treatment (X:BOT) CTN-0051 Completed
The START Follow-Up Study CTN-0050 Completed
Project HOPE: Hospital Visit as Opportunity for Prevention and Engagement for HIV-Infected Drug Users CTN-0049 Completed
Cocaine Use Reduction with Buprenorphine (CURB) CTN-0048 Completed
Screening, Motivational Assessment, Referral, and Treatment in Emergency Departments (SMART-ED) CTN-0047 Completed
Smoking-Cessation and Stimulant Treatment (S-CAST): Evaluation of the Impact of Concurrent Outpatient Smoking-Cessation and Stimulant Treatment on Stimulant-Dependence Outcomes CTN-0046 Completed
Web-delivery of Evidence-Based, Psychosocial Treatment for Substance Use Disorders CTN-0044 Completed
Stimulant Reduction Intervention using Dosed Exercise CTN-0037 Completed
HIV Rapid Testing and Counseling in Drug Abuse Treatment Programs in the U.S. CTN-0032 Completed
An Evaluation of Neurocognitive Function, Oxidative Damage, and their Association with Treatment Outcomes in Methamphetamine and Cocaine Abusers CTN-0031-A-1 Completed
Stimulant Abuser Groups to Engage in 12-Step (STAGE-12): Evaluation of a Combined Individual-Group Intervention to Reduce Stimulant and Other Drug Use by Increasing 12-Step Involvement CTN-0031 Completed
Prescription Opioid Addiction Treatment Study (POATS) CTN-0030 Completed
A Pilot Study of Osmotic-Release Methylphenidate (OROS-MPH) in Initiating and Maintaining Abstinence in Smokers with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) CTN-0029 Completed
Randomized Controlled Trial of Osmotic-Release Methylphenidate (OROS-MPH) for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adolescents with Substance Use Disorders CTN-0028 Completed
Starting Treatment with Agonist Replacement Therapies (START) Study CTN-0027 Completed
Motivational Enhancement Treatment to Improve Treatment Engagement and Outcome for Spanish-Speaking Individuals Seeking Treatment for Substance Abuse CTN-0021 Completed
Job-Seekers Training for Patients with Drug Dependence CTN-0020 Completed
Reducing HIV/STD Risk Behaviors: A Research Study for Women in Drug Abuse Treatment CTN-0019 Completed
Reducing HIV/STD Risk Behaviors: A Research Study for Men in Drug Abuse Treatment CTN-0018 Completed
HIV and HCV Intervention in Drug Treatment Settings CTN-0017 Completed
Patient Feedback: A Performance Improvement Study in Outpatient Addiction Treatment CTN-0016 Completed
Women's Treatment for Trauma and Substance Use Disorders CTN-0015 Completed
Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT) for Adolescent Drug Abusers CTN-0014 Completed
Motivational Enhancement Therapy to Improve Treatment Utilization and Outcome in Pregnant Substance Users CTN-0013 Completed
Characteristics of Screening, Evaluation, and Treatment of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C Viral Infection, and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Substance Abuse Treatment Programs CTN-0012 Completed
A Feasibility Study of a Telephone Enhancement Procedure (TELE) To Improve Participation in Continuing Care Activities CTN-0011 Completed
Buprenorphine/Naloxone (Bup/Nx) Facilitated Rehabilitation for Heroin Addicted Adolescents/Young Adults CTN-0010 Completed
Smoking Cessation Treatment with Transdermal Nicotine Replacement Therapy in Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programs CTN-0009 Completed
A Baseline for Investigating Diffusion of Innovation CTN-0008 Completed
Motivational Incentives for Enhanced Drug Abuse Recovery: Methadone Clinics CTN-0007 Completed
Motivational Incentives for Enhanced Drug Abuse Recovery: Drug Free Clinics CTN-0006 Completed
Motivational Interviewing (MI) To Improve Treatment Engagement and Outcome in Subjects Seeking Treatment for Substance Abuse CTN-0005 Completed
MET (Motivational Enhancement Treatment) To Improve Treatment Engagement and Outcome in Subjects Seeking Treatment for Substance Abuse CTN-0004 Completed
Suboxone® (Buprenorphine/Naloxone) Taper: A Comparison of Two Schedules CTN-0003 Completed
Buprenorphine/Naloxone (Bup/Nx) versus Clonidine for Outpatient Opiate Detoxification CTN-0002 Completed
Buprenorphine/Naloxone (Bup/Nx) versus Clonidine for Inpatient Opiate Detoxification CTN-0001 Completed

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