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Step by Step Guides to Finding Treatment for Drug Use Disorders


Are there research studies available for teens?

You can speak with your child's doctor to determine if they are a good candidate for a clinical trial.

Where can we find information on specific drugs?

The NIDA website has information on specific drugs, including their effects on the body, brain, and behavior and an Easy-to-Read website with information about many drugs.

In addition, you can suggest your teen review the NIDA for Teens site, with age-appropriate information on a variety of drugs and drug use issues. It might be useful for your teen to check out Scholastic e-poster that discusses the health effects of drugs.

Where can I find more information on treatment and recovery?

Science of Addiction Cover

More information on what to expect in treatment and recovery is in our publication on the science behind addiction, called Drugs, Brains, and Behavior: The Science of Addiction, written by NIDA scientists based on many years of research.

There is more information on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration’s resource page on treatment, prevention, and recovery.

You might also want to check out the websites of some other NIH Institutes:

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