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NIDA Genetic Consortium Meeting Abstracts

Revised November 2016

Submitter Title of Abstract Session Number
Abraham Palmer Genome-wide association study of delay discounting identifies GPM6B and demonstrates co-heritability with smoking Oral Presentation I 1
Arpana Agrawal Psychiatric Genetics Consortium Update Oral Presentation I 2
Thorgeir Thorgeirsson Polygenic risk scores for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder associate with addiction Oral Presentation I 3
Andrew Bergen Smokescreen Translational Analysis Platform: Prediction of Nicotine Metabolism and Smoking Cessation Oral Presentation I 4
Deborah Mash Human Transcriptome Analysis of Cocaine Abuse Identifies Genes Associated with Adult Striatal Neurogenesis Oral Presentation II 1
Amanda Mitchell Longitudinal Assessment of Neuronal 3D Genomes in Mouse Prefrontal Cortex Oral Presentation II 2
Changning Wang EPIS - Epigenetic PET imaging in substance use disorder patients Oral Presentation II 3
Heidi O'Neill Modeling gene x environmental effects in the mouse: the multigenerational phenotypes of the interaction of the rs16969968 SNP with developmental nicotine exposure. Oral Presentation II 4
Venetia Zachariou A unique role of RGSz1 in behavioral responses to pain killers Poster Session I 1
Yi Zhang Neuron subtype-specific molecular profiling and gene editing in a mouse model of cocaine addiction Poster Session I 2
John Rice Targeted sequencing identifies genetic polymorphisms of flavin-containing monooxygenase genes that contribute to the risk of nicotine dependence in European and African Americans Poster Session I 3
Alan R. Prossin Genetic moderation of human sTNFR1 response to experimental pain: potential homeostatic mechanisms underlying endogenous analgesia. Poster Session I 4
Makoto Taniguchi HDAC5 and NPAS4 regulate cocaine reward-environment associations Poster Session I 5
Patrick J. Muholland Integrative synaptomics in heavy drinking macaques identifies cross-species proteogenetic targets for treating excessive drug-seeking Poster Session I 6
Scott J. Moeller Genetic Markers Associated with Brain Structural Abnormalities in Human Cocaine Addiction Poster Session I 7
Caline Karam Delineating the genetic basis of amphetamine sensitivity using a Drosophila behavioral model Poster Session I 8
David Jentsch Intravenous Cocaine Self-Administration in Inbred Mice: Genetic Correlation with Impulsivity and Genome-Wide Association Results Poster Session I 9
Abraham Palmer Genome-wide association study of behavioral, physiological and gene expression traits in outbred CFW mice. Poster Session I 10
Kirk Wilhelmsen Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies seven novel susceptibility signals for nicotine dependence Poster Session I 11
Laura Saba An Influential Novel Transcript in a Systems Genetic Model of Alcohol Consumption Poster Session I 12
Betsy Ferguson A Genome-Wide Approach to Efficiently Identify Replicable DNA Methylation Regions Associated with Alcohol Use Poster Session I 13
Miri Gitik Choline supplementation in an adolescent nicotine exposure model- a whole genome epigenetic perspective. Poster Session I 14
Arpana Agrawal Genomewide association study identifies a novel locus for cannabis dependence Poster Session I 15
S. ZHONG Alcohol-induced histone H3 phosphorylation mediats RNA Pol III gene transcription Poster Session I 16
Alfredo Ghezzi CBP mediated control of long-term drug neuroadaptation in Drosophila Poster Session I 17
Mahesh Mohan Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol mediated attenuation of intestinal inflammation in chronic SIV-infected rhesus macaques involves differential modulation of anti-microbial defensins, pro-inflammatory gene and microRNA expression amidst high viral loads Poster Session I 18
Danielle Dick The Spit for Science project: Characterizing Genetic and Environmental Influences on Patterns of Substance Use in College Students Poster Session I 19
Diana Fishbein Interactions between DAT1 and OPRM1, subcortical volume and later alcohol use in alcohol naïve youth. Poster Session I 20
Kristine Marceau Cortisol-related Genes and Substance Use Severity at age 16 years Poster Session I 21
Mary Kay Lobo Cell subtype transcriptional regulation of mitochondrial dynamics in cocaine action Poster Session I 22
Yuva Kondaveeti Cocaine Induces changes in the expression of lncRNAs in T cells Poster Session I 23
Marcus Kaul HIV-1/gp120 protein and methamphetamine induce lasting alterations in four major neurotransmission systems of the central nervous system Poster Session I 24
Chioma M. Okeoma Cocaine alters semen exosome cargo composition and anti-HIV activity Poster Session I 25
Andew J. Rennekamp Target-agnostic CNS drug discovery using high-throughput behavioral chemical screening in zebrafish larvae identifies a new role for sigma-1 receptors in the vertebrate brain. Poster Session I 26
Qing Lu A New Method Founds Evidence of Genetic Heterogeneity in Nicotine Dependence Poster Session I 27
Jennifer T. Wolstenholme Adolescent binge ethanol alters histone methylation in the PFC leading to lasting memory deficits and increased ethanol sensitivity Poster Session I 28
Chris Bizon Association and Linkage Analysis of Nicotine Dependence from Whole Genome Sequencing of Family Data Suggest a Novel Role for BBS5 Poster Session I 29
Darius Bost Association of addiction phenotypes to predicted transcript levels Poster Session I 30
Gustavo Turecki Impact of chronic cocaine use on the human striatum methylome Poster Session I 31
Elisa M. Trucco A Developmental Perspective on the Role of Genes on Substance Use Disorder Poster Session II 1
Frederick Wolf SIR2/SIRT1 Disinhibition of Gene Expression by Acute Alcohol Leads to Presynaptic Changes and Behavioral Plasticity Poster Session II 2
Joseph Bloom Nicotine Dependence Associated with Functional Variation in FMO3 Poster Session II 3
Peter Hamilton Engineering zinc-finger protein and CRISPR/Cas9 constructs to model the epigenetic and transcriptional phenomena that underlie cocaine-related behaviors Poster Session II 4
Clarissa Parker Genome-wide mapping of ethanol sensitivity in the Diversity Outbred mouse population Poster Session II 5
Boris Tabakoff The Hybird Rat Diversity Rat Panel for Addiction Research Poster Session II 6
Lindsay Farrer Genome-wide Association Study of Amphetamine Related Stimulant Dependence Poster Session II 7
Brian Smith The genetic and epigenetic architecture of behaviors related to drug seeking and abuse: The honey bee as a new animal model Poster Session II 8
Scott Mackey Genetic risk and nicotine exposure interact on the structure and function of the ventromedial prefrontal cortex in adolescents Poster Session II 9
Travis T. Mallard Genome-wide polygenic scores for schizophrenia are associated with substance use during emerging adulthood Poster Session II 10
Lisa Goldberg Identification of a major QTL influencing oxycodone behavioral sensitivity and dependence in C57BL/6 substrains Poster Session II 11
David Brazel Interim results from the GSCAN exome chip project Poster Session II 12
Robert Philibert Quantitative DNA Methylation Analyses Using Digital Droplet PCR Sensitively Detects Surreptitious Smoking in Adolescents. Poster Session II 13
Phillip K. Liu Epigenetics of Drug Sensitization: MicroRNA and HDAC5 expression in Amphetamine-induced Neural Remodeling Poster Session II 14
Gal Yadid Time Window for DNA methylation in Incubation of Cocaine Craving Poster Session II 15
Fereshteh S. Nugent Epigenetic reversal of maternal deprivation-induced dopamine cell hyperexcitability and synaptic mislocalization of AKAP150 within the VTA Poster Session II 16
Pam Madden Genetics, the Addiction Phenotype, and the Adolescent Brain and Cognitive Development Study Poster Session II 17
Ana Ventuneac Integrated (iCare) at Mt. Sinai Poster Session II 18
Michael Stallings Etiological Overlap Between Impaired Sex and Risky Sexual Behavior Poster Session II 19
Kyung-An Han Genetic and social factors critical for inhibitory control Poster Session II 20
Rudra Pratyaydipta Effect of microRNA expression on alcoholism: A study in a panel of recombinant inbred mouse strains Poster Session II 21
Erin Calipari Withdrawal from cocaine self-administration alters the transcriptional profile of cocaine across six brain regions Poster Session II 22
Bradley E. Aouizerat The Women’s Interagency HIV Study (WIHS): A Diverse Cohort Well Suited to Molecular Epidemiology Studies of Substance Abuse Poster Session II 23
Ron Hart Increased nicotine response in iPSC-derived human neurons carrying the CHRNA5 N398 allele Poster Session II 24
Jiang Gui Efficient Survival Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction Method for Detecting Gene-Gene Interaction Poster Session II 25
Anna Dorothy Asimes Pre-conception Maternal and Paternal Binge Alcohol Exposure Lead to Distinct DNA Methylation Patterns in Alcohol-Naive Male Offspring Poster Session II 26
Jinbo Bi Multi-view Singular Value Decomposition for Disease Subtyping and Genetic Associations Poster Session II 27
Ming D. Li A second update on susceptibility genes for nicotine dependence identified by genome-wide linkage, candidate gene association, genome-wide association, and targeted sequencing approaches Poster Session II 28
Nora Bizzozero Neuronal enriched RNA-Binding Protein HuD and microRNA miR-495 oppositely regulate cocaine induced addiction-related gene expression and place preference behavior Poster Session II 29
Ke Xu Identifying the gene co-expression module for tobacco smoking that is regulated by DNA methylation Poster Session II 30
Todd Hulgan Meth and Genetically-Predicted Expression of the Cytoskeletal Protein Spectrin Gene Neurocognitive Function in HIV Poster Session II 31
Caroline Brown Pharmacogenetic Modulation of the Behavioral Effects of Buprenorphine in a Mouse Model of the OPRM1 (A118G) Polymorphism Poster Session III 1
Zhiping Pang Synaptic mechanisms of OPRM1 A118G (MOR N40D) gene variants in human neurons Poster Session III 2
Ethan Carver Gene Regulation and Viability of Cell Cultures Exposed to E-Cigarette Refill Solutions Poster Session III 3
Z Carl Lin EIF3F Genetics of Substance Abuse Poster Session III 4
Dana Hancock Genome-wide Interaction Analysis with Sex Reveals PEX11G as a Novel Gene for Nicotine Dependence Poster Session III 5
Paulo A. Ferreira Control of gene-environment interactions by the Ran-binding protein 2 (Ranbp2) and its stresssensing partners as venues to dissect the genetic basis of addiction behaviors engendered by drug abuse Poster Session III 6
Andon N. Placzek eIF2α-mediated translational control regulates cocaine-and nicotine-induced synaptic potentiation in mouse midbrain dopamine neurons and neuronal responses in human smokers Poster Session III 7
Tamara Phillips Evidence for an epistatic effect of Oprm1 and Taar1 in risk for methamphetamine consumption Poster Session III 8
Roseann Peterson Evidence for shared genetic risk between schizophrenia and smoking behaviors: Findings from the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium. Poster Session III 9
Renato Polimanti Risk alleles identified in a genome-wide gene-by-cannabis dependence interaction analysis of risky sexual behaviors Poster Session III 10
Camron Bryant Cytoplasmic FMR1-interacting protein 2 is a major genetic factor underlying binge eating Poster Session III 11
Shauna Clark Discovering methylation biomarkers of smoking and associated health risks Poster Session III 12
Ashiwel Undieh Psychostimulant-induced Alterations in Epigenetic DNA Methylation of Neural Genes: Toward a Pharmacological Separation of Euphoric and Neuroadaptive Mechanisms? Poster Session III 13
Pradeep Bhide Nicotine-induced DNA methylation in spermatozoa: Consequences for offspring’s behavior and gene expression in the brain Poster Session III 14
Jinying Zhao An Epigenome Wide Association Study on Alcohol Consumption: A Monozygotic Twin Study Poster Session III 15
S.A. Eisenstein Dopamine-related Genetic Profile is Associated with Negative Symptom Severity, Reward Expectancy, and Behavioral Inhibition Poster Session III 16
Su Guo Explore a natural variation of light/dark preference behavior in zebrafish: Genetic or epigenetic? Poster Session III 17
Michael Miles Behavioral genomic and genetic analysis of chronic nicotine and withdrawal in mouse BXD strains. Poster Session III 18
Johana Alvarez Heightened Baseline Anxiety-Like Behavior in Mice with Escalating Cocaine Consumption During Extended Access Cocaine Self-Administration Poster Session III 19
Stephen L. Boehm Short-term selective breeding for adolescent sensitivity to tetrahydrocannabinol- (THC-) induced locomotor sedation in mice. Poster Session III 20
Susan Smith High-Throughput Transcriptome Sequencing to Identify Genetic Modifiers of Sensitivity to Alcohol Poster Session III 21
Christie Fowler Nicotinic Modulation of the Choroid Plexus and Altered Circulating MicroRNA Expression During Chronic Nicotine Self-Administration Poster Session III 22
Shilpa Buch Cocaine-mediated promoter DNA methylation of microRNA-124 promotes microglial activation through TLR4 signaling Poster Session III 23
Gary Siuzdak Cloud-Based Systems Biology Analyses Guided by Metabolomics Poster Session III 24
Jinbo Bi Machine learning to identify highly heritable components of substance use disorders Poster Session III 25
Erika Andrade Neuronal Subtype-Specific Translational Changes Following Extended-Access Cocaine Self-Administration in Mice Poster Session III 26
Sudheesh Pilakka-Kanthikeel Cocaine reactivates latent HIV-1 by down regulating anti-HIV long-non coding RNAs Poster Session III 27
Ming D. Li Characterization of regulatory mechanisms at DNA variant, methylation and RNA levels for 57 tobacco smoking susceptibility genes in human brain Poster Session III 28
Brion Maher Circulating DNA methylation markers associated with injection status and HIV infection among chronic injection drug users in the ALIVE study. Poster Session III 29
Michele T. Juarez Acute exposure of Nicotine during Drosophila puncture injury activates an epidermal wound response Poster Session III 30
Richard C. Crist A polymorphism in the OPRM1 3’ untranslated region is associated with methadone efficacy in treating opioid dependence Poster Session IV 1
Imad Damaj The b3 subunit of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) is required for nicotine withdrawal but not nicotine reward Poster Session IV 2
Igor Zhulin Establishing the Precise Evolutionary History of a Gene Improves Prediction of Disease-causing Missense Mutations Poster Session IV 3
Li-Shiun Chen Genetic risk can be decreased: Quitting smoking decreases and delays lung cancer for smokers with high and low CHRNA5 risk genotypes - A Meta-analysis Poster Session IV 4
Xiangning Chen Integration of Gene Expression in animal studies with GWAS in human datasets to Identify Risk Genes for Nicotine Dependence Poster Session IV 5
Jared Bagley The effects of prenatal stress on cocaine reward, cocaine locomotion and sensorimotor processing are heritable in the BXD recombinant inbred strain panel Poster Session IV 6
Rohan Palmer Estimation of the Genome-wide Additive Genetic Covariance Across Subjects of European and African Ancestry: An Example Using Alcohol Dependence Poster Session IV 7
Elliot Nelson Meta-analysis of comparisons to non-dependent misusers implicates CD244 involvement in opioid dependence Poster Session IV 8
Kirk Wilhelmsen Whole Genome Sequence Study of Cannabis Dependence: Associations with Regulatory Elements Identified by the Roadmap Epigenomics Project Poster Session IV 9
Eric O. Johnson Multi-ancestry GWAS Identifies Novel Variants Associated with HIV-1 Viral Load Set-point Poster Session IV 10
Laura Stround Epigenetic Regulation of Placental NR3C1: Mechanism Underlying Prenatal Programming of Infant Stress Response by Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy? Poster Session IV 11
Shilpa Buch HIV-1 TAT-mediated epigenetic downregulation of miR-124 targets MECP2 and promotes microglial activation Poster Session IV 12
Michelle M. Jacobs HIV-related neurocognitive impairment is related to polymorphisms in CCR2 and CD163 in the absence of cocaine and opiate dependency Poster Session IV 13
Gregory Sartor BET bromodomains regulate neurobehavioral responses to psychostimulants Poster Session IV 14
Viranu Sueblingvong Alcohol induces profibrotic fibroblast phenotype via induction of DNA methyl transferase. Poster Session IV 15
Jasmin Vassileva Behavioral Phenotypes of Impulsivity in Substance Dependent Individuals in Protracted Abstinence: Insights from ‘Pure’ Heroin and Amphetamine Users Poster Session IV 16
Andrew Talal Telemedicine-based Management of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection for Individuals on Opiate Agonist Treatment Poster Session IV 17
Brion Maher A Novel Approach to Accounting for Exposure in Association Studies of Drug Use Disorders Poster Session IV 18
Rae Silver Novel noninvasive voluntary methamphetamine inhalation paradigm for long-term studies of neuroinflammation and drug-seeking behavior Poster Session IV 19
Kristin G. Ardlie Specificity of alternative splicing in brain tissues from the GTEx project Poster Session IV 20
Narasimhan J. Venkatachari Transcriptome analysis of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells from individuals with HIV-1 associated neurocognitive disorder identifies key players associated with neuropathogenesis and Marijuana use. Poster Session IV 21
Pawel Cirborowski Systems biology approach reveals novel insights into altered functions of HIV-1-infected or methamphetamine exposed macrophages. Poster Session IV 22
Lee Campbell Creation and characterization of the HIV-nanoLuc CHME-5 cell line Poster Session IV 23
Bi Xuan A Statistical Method for Advancing Neuroimaging Genetics Poster Session IV 24
Tom Gould Paternal nicotine exposure trans-generationally alters fear response and cholinergic function: potential epigenetic mechanisms Poster Session IV 25
Dan Iancu Genetic Selection for Methamphetamine Intake Rewires Brain Transcriptional Networks Poster Session IV 26
Fereshteh S. Nugent Changes in neuronal excitability and histone modifications within the LHb may underlie anxiety and depression following early life stresses Poster Session IV 27
Shuanglin Hao Epigenetic modification of MCU in the spinal cord dorsal horn in chronic morphine tolerance and HIV-related neuropathic pain state Poster Session IV 28
Lucia Carvelli Embryonic exposure to amphetamine alters the activity of the dopamine transporter in adult animals and progeny Poster Session IV 29

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