COVID-19 and Addiction | What Can Family and Friends Do to Help?

NIDA Director Dr. Nora Volkow talks about the significance of social support during the COVID-19 pandemic and what people can do to help loved ones in recovery or struggling with addiction.

Video length: 1:26



[Dr. Nora Volkow speaking] One of the strongest support systems that we have are actually our social relationships. And while it’s not the same to be able to see someone and be close to them, it’s still very valuable to be able to communicate with others via this type of technology, virtual technologies, that allow us to rapidly communicate and provide support. And family and friends should be very aware that they need to stay in contact with the person that they are related to or that are friends to that is trying to address a substance use disorder, more now than before, because the stressors linked with the COVID epidemic are placing them at greater risk. I would strongly encourage the family to actively participate, and the friends, to actively participate in engaging in social support for people that are battling with addiction, while strongly encouraging them to continue to stay in treatment, if they are not in treatment, to reach out to treatment, and to support their recovery.