Ron Stall

Dr. Stall, Professor and Chair of the Department of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences in the Graduate School of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh, began his work on the AIDS epidemic in 1984 on the AIDS Behavioral Research Project, one of the first longitudinal studies of AIDS risk-taking behaviors in the world.

Dr. Stall has published more than 140 peer-reviewed scientific papers on many different aspects of the AIDS epidemic, including methodological research, research on determinants of risk-taking behaviors and HIV seroconversion, life course issues important to AIDS risk-taking behavior, behavioral intervention research, research on care-seeking behavior for HIV infection, and a portfolio of international research on AIDS. Dr. Stall is particularly proud of his record of collaborative research conducted with AIDS community-based organizations, which include a broad range of organizations within the United States and abroad. Dr. Stall is the 1999 recipient of the Chuck Frutchey Board of Directors Award from STOP AIDS/San Francisco, is listed as one of the most highly cited behavioral science researchers in the world in the ISI Most Highly Cited website, received the 2005 CDC/ATSDr. Honor Award for Public Health Epidemiology and Laboratory Research, and was inducted into Delta Omega (a public health honor society) in 2006. His current research and teaching portfolio includes co-directorship of a Certificate Program in LGBT Health, and principal investigator or co-principal investigator status on a series of NIH grants on issues important to gay men’s health.

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, United States