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General Resources

Revised March 2012

  • The Jackson Laboratory
    For more than 75 years The Jackson Laboratory, a non-profit institution, has been at the forefront of discovering cures for human diseases. Unrivaled in mouse genetics research, The Laboratory supplies resources and information to universities and research laboratories around the world. A renowned education and training center, The Laboratory is a magnet for those seeking knowledge of genetics and research strategies.
  • Mouse Genome Resources at NCBI
    Genomic resources for the mouse are increasing at an astounding pace. The ability to manipulate the mouse genome coupled with the availability of genome sequence make the mouse a unique research tool. This page is a gateway to mouse resources in and beyond NCBI.
  • Trans-NIH Mouse Initiative
    In March 1998, the NIH convened a group of scientists to develop priorities for mouse genomics and genetics resources. In response to the community's recommendations, the NIH has created a Trans-NIH Mouse Genomics and Genetics Resources Coordinating Group and a strategic implementation plan. For the convenience of all interested investigators, we have established this Web site as a central information resource
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Mammalian Genetics and Genomics
    ORNL's Mouse-Genetics Program , operating at the intersection of genetics and genomics, is building upon its successful past and current strengths in genomics, genetic analysis, mutagenesis, phenotype screening, and germ-cell biology to exploit the mouse fully as a model system for post-genome biology.
  • Complex Trait Consortium
    The CTC is an international group of researchers working to identify the genetic variants that underly complex traits, particularly of quantitative trait loci (QTL), in model organisms such as rodents

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