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Genetics Data Harmonization

Revised April 2012

NIDA has developed a series of core elements for assessing and harmonizing demographic information and substance use history for genetic studies. These questions were collated from a variety of validated questionnaires that are currently in use and have been aligned with a particular domain that is of interest to NIDA. This site lists the domains, which represent the primary question most representative of the domain. Secondary questions are also listed, along with the instruments from which they came.. By clicking on a domain, a page will open to the domain question and provide a choice of instruments from which to capture the relevant data for that question. In some cases there are several instruments that are appropriate; in other cases, there are one or none.

NIDA strongly encourages all applicants to discuss how these core elements are addressed in their data sharing plan by either assessing them directly or indirectly by suggested proxy measures.

This page was last updated April 2012