Marguerita Lightfoot

Dr. Lightfoot has been involved in a number of large multisite intervention studies: the NIMH HIV Prevention Trial Group (prevention program for adults at risk for HIV), Teens Linked to Care (multisite intervention study with youth living with HIV), and Healthy Living Project (a multisite intervention study for adults living with HIV).

Dr. Lightfoot has developed HIV interventions for delinquent adolescents, runaway and homeless youth, youth living with HIV, youth in Uganda and families in Zimbabwe. She has considerable experience designing and implementing HIV interventions, including adapting interventions for delivery through computer technology (e.g., CD-ROM and websites). She is particularly interested in developing cost-effective interventions that are easily translatable with utility in community settings and utilizes new technologies to engage disenfranchised individuals in health promotion activities. Dr. Lightfoot has also conducted psychotherapy with predominately African American and Latino adolescents, adults, and families infected and/or affected by HIV.

University of California, San Francisco, United States