Marek C Chawarski

Dr. Chawarski’s primary research interest is on improving and developing novel treatment interventions for patients with substance abuse disorders, in particular opiate-dependent and/or amphetamine-type stimulant-abusing individuals.

Dr. Chawarski is involved in multiple international research efforts to improve substance abuse treatments, with emphasis on culturally appropriate evidence-based treatments. His research aims to advance efficacy, accessibility and availability of addiction treatments and HIV risk reduction and prevention interventions in diverse settings and populations. Dr. Chawarski’s recent work focuses on the development of behavioral counselling programs that target high-risk individuals, addressing their limited understanding of addiction problems and treatment process, increasing their treatment engagement, helping them transfer treatment-learned skills into real-life situations, and reducing their risks of HIV and other infectious diseases. His teaching and educational efforts are focused on training therapists, drug counsellors, and other medical and non-medical personnel in providing behaviorally oriented psychosocial interventions for patients receiving agonist maintenance treatments, or other forms of pharmacological and drug-free treatments for opiate dependence.

Yale University, New Haven, United States