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FAQs for NOT-DA-19-003: HEAL Initiative: Request for Administrative Supplements to Existing Grants to Accelerate Research on Preventing Opioid Use Disorder in Older Adolescents and Young Adults (ages 16-30)

Revised January 2019

The following FAQs are related to this Funding notice - https://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/notice-files/NOT-DA-19-003.html


Q: Can supplements be submitted to active grants funded by other NIH institutes and centers? 
Yes. The program official of the parent grant will provide input on the review of the application, but funding decisions will be made by NIDA. Applicants are encouraged to speak with their assigned Program Official about their interest in submitting an administrative supplement and should inform their Program Official when a supplement is submitted. 

Q: Is a non-NIH funded grant eligible for a supplement?
No. Only NIH-funded grants are eligible.

Q: Is a supplement application focused on drugs or outcomes other than opioids eligible for a supplement?
This supplement FOA is to propose research focused on prevention of opioid misuse and opioid use disorder (OUD). Opioid or opioid-related outcomes must be a primary focus for the supplement research.

Q: Is research focused on an opioid treatment or a population already diagnosed with opioid use disorder eligible?
No. The focus of this FOA is on the developing and testing of preventive interventions for individuals who are not already diagnosed with OUD.

Q: Is research conducted at foreign sites eligible?

Q: Is a grant funded to a foreign institution eligible?

Q: Is an application that includes research in a population younger than 16 years or older than 30 years eligible?
The age of the sample should be within the age range specified (16-30).

Q: Is a recently awarded grant eligible for a supplement award?
Yes, a supplement can be made to a recently awarded grant. It is recommended that applicants in this situation consult with the Program Official for the grant.

Q: What grant mechanisms are eligible for a supplement award?
See eligible mechanisms listed in the parent administrative supplement FOA( PA-18-591) .

Q: Are grants that already have an administrative supplement award eligible?
A grant that already has an administrative supplement award is not prohibited. Consult with the Program Official for the parent grant on whether there might be questions or concerns.


Q: Is it expected that the research proposed can be completed in one year and that the funds will be spent in one year? 
It is expected that the research proposed can be completed in one year. The timeline and budget should be for up to one year.

Q: In the parent Administrative Supplement FOA, it states that that the budget limits are to be no more than the current parent award, does this pertain to the direct cost or total cost? 
This pertains to both the direct and total costs. The PI should not request more money than awarded in the parent grant in either direct or total costs.

Q: For an R21, should a modular budget be used?  
Follow the budget instructions for the submission method (e.g., NIH ASSIST, Grants.gov or eRA Commons) Note that the budget is for the requested additional activities.


Q: Are there restrictions on appendix materials?
Follow instructions in the Administrative supplement parent announcement pertaining to appendices. The same instructions apply.

Q: What is the page limit for applications?
The page limit for the supplement application is the same as it is for the parent award mechanism application. See the parent administrative supplement FOA ( PA-18-591).

Q: For supplement applications to parent K awards, do the training and career development sections need to be addressed in the application?
The application should describe how the supplement research proposed is relevant and will advance achievement toward the research, training and career goals and objectives of the K award.  


Q: What is the latest submission date?
February 1, 2019

Q: What is the earliest date for the supplement award?
The anticipated earliest date for award is June 1. 

This page was last updated January 2019

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