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NIDA Requests for Contract Proposals (RFPs)

Revised April 2018

The RFPs listed below are those issued by the NIDA R&D Contracts Management Branch (CMB) only. NIDA is one of several Institutes under the National Institutes of Health. The CMB is NIDA's R&D and R&D Support Contracting Office. Non-R&D RFPs specific to the NIDA mission may be found under the Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps) website. For a complete listing of all RFPs issued for contracts under NIH and other Federal Government agencies, please review the website at www.fedbizopps.gov.

To access an RFP, click on the RFP Number listed in the table below. This will link you directly to the FedBizOpps website. Questions and/or clarifications on the NIDA requirements, should be directed to the applicable CMB contact person listed in the individual RFPs.

If you intend to submit a proposal in response to a NIDA RFP, please notify the CMB contact person identified in the individual RFP. It is recommended that you also register under the RFP of interest, in FedBizOpps, to receive notification of additional information and any amendments. All information necessary for proposal submission is detailed in each RFP.

RFP Number Title Issued Due
NIHDA201800068 Presolicitation Notice - Receptor Profiling and Predictive Toxicology (FedBizOpps.gov site) 4/9/18 4/24/18
HHSN271201800005I NIDA/NIMH Justification and Approval for Sole Source (J&A) Contract Scientific, Technical and Other Professional Support Services (STOPS) to the National Institutes of Health (FedBizOpps.gov site) 4/6/18  
NIHDA201800084 Presolicitation Notice - NIDA Center for Genetic Studies (FedBizOpps.gov site) 3/23/18 4/6/18
NIHDA201800011 Toxicological Evaluations of Potential Medications (FedBizOpps.gov site) 3/13/18 4/26/18
NIHDA201800028 Synthesis and Distribution of Drugs of Abuse and Related Compounds (FedBizOpps.gov site) 3/8/18 4/9/18
N01DA-18-8936 Presolicitation Notice - Using Rodent Behavioral Models to Identify Substance Abuse Pharmacotherapies (FedBizOpps.gov site) 2/2/18 3/22/18

After reviewing an RFP from the listing above, please submit a Proposal Intent Sheet for NIDA to use as an aid to expedite preparations for the review of proposals. Submission of the Proposal Intent Sheet does not commit you to the submission of a proposal.

Please refer RFP-specific questions to the contact person listed in the individual RFP announcement.

Mailing Address for the Contracts Office:

NIDA R&D Contracts Management Branch
Office of Acquisitions, Neurosciences
National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIH
6001 Executive Blvd., Room 4211 (MSC 9559)
Bethesda, MD 20892-9559
Rockville, MD 20852 (for express/courier deliveries)

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