NIH-NINDS-22-001666-Notice of Intent

Submitted by patelsnv on Sun, 11/14/2021 - 14:27
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In Vivo two photon brain imaging using two photon microscope
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National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)

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Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing
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1,000 employees
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BLDG 49 RM 2A35
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Not Set Aside
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56 Sparta Avenue
Newton, NJ 07860
United States
Single-Sole Source Determination
The cortex-cerebellum circuitry lab needs a laser beam spatial light modulator as all as mirrors and optomechanical parts necessary for multi-site two photon microscopy. Specifically, a spatial light modulator is used to deliver spatially patterned laser illumination to activate opsins in specific neurons or groups of neurons, while mirrors and optomechanical items are needed to direct the laser from the source to the mouse brain and emission light from the mouse brain to the photodetectors.
Background/Description of Requirement

A major goal of the research performed by the lab is to understand communication between the neocortex and cerebellum while animals learn novel behavioral skills over weeks. The lab measures activity in both cortex and cerebellum simultaneously using a custom dual-site two-photon microscope, across multiple genetically defined populations using dual-wavelength two-color imaging, and by combining imaging of one neural population with stimulation of another. Essential components of this are devices to deliver spatially patterned laser illumination to neural ensembles as well as mirrors and optomechanical components to steer incoming and outgoing light.

Interested parties may identify in writing their interest and capability in response to this requirement. Responses to this notice shall contain sufficient information to establish the interested parties’ bona-fide capabilities for fulfilling the requirement and include: unit price, list price, shipping and handling costs, the delivery period after contract award, the prompt payment discount terms, the F.O.B. Point (Destination or Origin), the Dun & Bradstreet Number (DUNS), the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), and the certification of business size. All offerors must have an active registration in the System for Award Management (SAM)

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