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Funding Application - Request for Applications

RFAs Issued by NIDA

Title RFA ID Letter of Intent Receipt Date Application Due Date
Extracellular Vesicle Tools, Technologies, and Products for Neuroscience Research RFA-DA-17-008 (R41/R42)
RFA-DA-17-009 (R43/R44)
Not Applicable November 22, 2016
Avenir Award Program for Genetics or Epigenetics of Substance Abuse RFA-DA-16-007 (DP1) Not Applicable October 20, 2016
Improved Technologies and Ligands for Non-invasive Brain Imaging RFA-DA-17-010 (R41/R42)
RFA-DA-17-011 (R43/R44)
Not Applicable August 17, 2016
Laboratory and Diagnostic Tools to Advance Microbiome-Brain Research RFA-DA-17-016 (R41)
RFA-DA-17-017 (R43/R44)
July 17, 2016 August 17, 2016
NIDA Translational Avant-Garde Award for Development of Medication to Treat Substance Use Disorders RFA-DA-17-015 (UG3/UH3) Not Applicable July 28, 2016
Growing Great Ideas: Research Education Course in Product Development and Entrepreneurship for Life Science Researchers RFA-DA-17-007 (R25) June 20, 2016 July 20, 2016

Other RFAs in which NIDA Participates

Title RFA ID Letter of Intent Receipt Date Application Due Date
NIH Director's Transformative Research Awards RFA-RM-16-007 (R01) September 07, 2016 October 07, 2016
NIH Director's Early Independence Awards RFA-RM-16-006 (DP5) August 12, 2016 September 12, 2016
NIH Director's New Innovator Award Program RFA-RM-16-004 (DP2) Not Applicable September 09, 2016
Novel Strategies for Targeting HIV-CNS Reservoirs without Reactivation RFA-MH-17-100 (R21)
RFA-MH-17-101 (R01)
August 09, 2016 September 09, 2016
NIH Pioneer Award Program RFA-RM-16-005 (DP1) Not Applicable September 02, 2016
Innovation Grants to Nurture Initial Translational Efforts (IGNITE): Development and Validation of Model Systems and/or Pharmacodynamic Markers to Facilitate the Discovery of Neurotherapeutics RFA-NS-16-013 (R21/R33) Not Applicable June 21, 2016
Limited Competition - Stimulating Peripheral Activity to Relieve Conditions (SPARC): Technologies to Understand the Control of Organ Function by the Peripheral Nervous System RFA-RM-16-003 (OT2) Not Applicable May 16, 2016
Stimulating Peripheral Activity to Relieve Conditions (SPARC): Pre-clinical Development of Existing Market-approved Devices to Support New Market Indications RFA-RM-16-009 (U18) April 02, 2016 May 02, 2016