Health Consequences of Drug Misuse

Picture of cancer
Image by ©Scott Camazine

Cigarette smoking is the most preventable cause of cancer in the United States. Smoking cigarettes has been linked to cancer of the mouth, neck, stomach, and lungs, among others. Nonsmoking people exposed to secondhand cigarette smoke increase their chances of developing lung cancer in addition to other health problems.

Young adult males who use marijuana and began their use during adolescence are at risk for an aggressive form of testicular cancer. Scientists do not yet know the cancer risks of vaping products, whether they contain nicotine or THC. While there is no exposure to carcinogens related to combustible (burning) tobacco, people who vape do inhale many of the same chemicals found in tobacco and marijuana, and have the added exposure to vapors from heated metal coils used to create the vapor.

Drugs that may cause cancer: