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Center for Clinical Trials Network (CCTN)

What We Do:

Forging partnerships to improve the quality of drug abuse treatment throughout the nation.

The Center for Clinical Trials Network (CCTN) manages NIDA's National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network (CTN), a multi-site research project of behavioral, pharmacological, and integrated treatment interventions to determine effectiveness across a broad range of community-based treatment settings and diversified patient populations. The CCTN is responsible for the scientific, administrative, budgetary, and operational management of the CTN. Together the CTN and the CCTN provide a foundation for conducting research with the primary goal of bridging the gap between the science of drug treatment and its practice through the study of scientifically based interventions in real world settings.

Research Program:

Staff Listings:

Mailing Address:

Center for the Clinical Trials Network
National Institute on Drug Abuse
6001 Executive Boulevard, Rm 3105, MSC 9557
Bethesda, Maryland 20892-9557
Phone: 301-443-6697
Fax: 301-443-2317

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