Positive Behavior Support: Praise for Positive Behavior (Family Checkup)

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(Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Your Child Cooperates - Examples)

(Nonspecific Praise)

Mom: That’s nice!


Daughter: Mom, I got everything you wanted from the store.

Mom: It’s about time! For as long as you took, you could’ve gotten twice as much as I asked for.

(Comparison to Past)

Daughter: Here it is, I worked hard this term.

Dad: Umm, three B’s. Pretty good, but last term you got four.

(Finding Everday Opportunities for Praise - Examples)

(Social Situations)

Son: I’m done! I’m outta here.

Dad: I guess its ok. Wished you take some lessons from your sister. She doesn’t leave a crumb on the floor when she sweeps.

(Being Polite)

Dad: I really appreciate when you get along so well together.

Daughter: Hey Dad, do you have time to help me with my math?

Dad: Absolutely, and thanks for asking so nicely.

(Being Responsible)

Dad: Thank you for getting your chores done before I got home.I really appreciate coming home to a clean kitchen.

Son: Well you told me I had to.

Dad: I know, but I just want you to know that you did a really great job and I’m really proud of you.

(Handling Disappointments, Example 1)

Daughter: Hey Mom, can Jamie spend the night tonight?

Mom: Remember we have a 24 hour rule when it comes to sleepovers. You need to let me know ahead of time. Maybe this weekend!

Daughter: Ok!

Mom: I know your disappointed, but I’m proud of how you’re handling this.

(Handling Disappointments, Example 2)

Dad: Hey, what’s wrong?

Daughter: Nothing.

Dad: Nothing, are you sure?

Daughter: My story didn’t get picked up for the school paper.

Dad: Ohh, I’m so sorry. That must be very disappointing; I know you worked on it for a long time.

Daughter: Yeah, I did. Oh well, maybe next time.

Dad: You know you’re amazing. I’m really proud of how you’re handling this.

(Making Good Choices)

Daughter: And then Jenny said she wanted to cut class and go across the street to the store, and I said no, and just went to class alone.

Dad: Wow! That’s hard saying no to a friend. I am really proud of you.