Positive Behavior Support: Making Clear and Effective Requests (Family Checkup)

Video length: 1:45


(Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Making Requests)

(Asking a Question)

Dad: Want to come sit down to dinner?

Son: No, not now.

(Yelling From a Distance)

Mom: It’s time to get ready for bed!

(Too Many Requests at Once)

Dad: Makayla, get your books picked up, hang up your jacket, finish cleaning up the kitchen, and start getting ready for bed.

Makayla: Huh?

(Bringing Up Side Issues)

Mom: Your just like your dad, leaving stuff everywhere. Clean this up now!

(Blaming Criticizing, or Showing Dissaproval)

Dad: Why can’t you follow the list that we made? What’s wrong with you?

Daughter: Whatever!

(Bringing Up History)

Mom: This has been a problem ever since you started middle school. You need to get your backpack organized, so you can get your homework turned in.

(The Right Way to Make Effective Requests)

(Example 1)

Dad: Turn off your phone now please!... Thanks for doing that right away.

(Example 2)

Mom: I’d like you to ask your brother to borrow his shirt in a nice tone of voice.

(Example 3)

Dad: It’s seven, can you please start your homework?... I appreciate you getting started when I asked.

(Example 4)

Mom: Please come to dinner with your hands washed!