Monitoring and Limit Setting: Questioning (Family Checkup)

Video length: 1:19


(Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Asking Your Child Questions)

(Using a Negative Tone)

Dad: Do you have homework to do?


Mom: You’re not gonna hang out with John again, are you?


Mom: You don't really think that’s a good idea, do you?


Daughter: So Jenny and I were hanging out at lunch…

Dad: Wait! What were you doing hanging around with Jenny?

(The Right Way to Ask Your Child Questions)

Dad: How are you doing with your Math homework?

Daughter: I just finished.

Dad: You did? You were having trouble before, how’s it going now?

Daughter: It’s going better.

Dad: yeah, what’s making it better?

Daughter: I got some help before school and I understand it better.

Dad: I am so glad you went to get help. That was a good idea.