Dr. Nora Volkow Discusses the 2016 MTF Results

Video length: 2:14


Dr. Nora Volkow:

What we are seeing this year which we saw last year, is significant decreases in the patterns of illicit substances across all ages, 8th, 10th and 12th.

Except, actually the use of marijuana among12th graders, where the levels are being stable as it relates to the yearly, the monthly and the regular use.

Those have not changed.

But in 8th graders, the marijuana has gone down and some of the indicators of 10th graders have also gone down.

We've also seen significant decrease in the abuse of opioid prescriptions, and that immediately jumps to mind Vicodin which has actually at it's lowest it has ever been.

In fact, this year, the prevalence of Vicodin is even lower than Oxycontin.

The past years and this year, we have started to see that the regular of marijuana superseded the regular use of smoking, cigarette smoking and it is not because marijuana has gone up.

It is because cigarette smoking has continued to go down in the regular pattern, which is very, very good.

The same thing with alcohol.

Alcohol has been going down slower than tobacco, but none the less those significant decreases actually continued and pertain to several perimeters.

Not just occasional use of alcohol, but even binge drinking, which is the most dangerous pattern of alcohol use among teenagers and again we are seeing for 8th, 10th and 12thgraders.

The patterns of use for e-cigarettes is lower this year that it was last year.

Also, in the survey we are asking the teenagers, the teenagers are being asked whether when they use the e-cigarette, do they use it for nicotine, do they use it just for flavor or just use or marijuana, for THC.

60% of them say they, whether it is 8th, 10th or 12th grade, it is for the flavor.

And more or less,  approximately 20% use it for nicotine and less then 10% use it for THC.