Communication Skills: Active Listening (Family Checkup)

Video length: 2:24


(Scene 1: Mom actively listens to her son)

Mom: Hi Gabe! What happen in school today?

Son: My friend John got in trouble.

Mom: What kind of trouble?

Son: The janitor said he was making a mess in the bathroom during lunch hour. It was really stupid! He was just trying to wash his hands and the water wouldn't turn off. When he tried to fix it the handle came off and that’s when the janitor came in.

Mom: So... John was trying to fix the water, but the janitor thought he was making a mess.

Son: Exactly! It was so stupid that they took the janitor’s word over John’s.

Mom: So you’re thinking it wasn’t very fair. I am glad you’re talking to me about it.

(Scene 2: Father actively listens to his daughter)

Daughter: Hi Dad! Sorry, I know I’m late.

Father: Yes, you were supposed to be at home by 4:30 and its 5:00.

Daughter: Something came up at school.

Father: Something came up? That made you late? Couldn't you have called?

Daughter: I was trying to help Lisa.

Father: What where you helping Lisa with?

Daughter: Promise you won’t get mad?

Father: I just want to hear what you were helping your friend Lisa with.

Daughter: Well….. This two girls at school were making fun of her and spreading rumors about her, and... Lisa started crying and said she didn't want to come back to school tomorrow.

Father: Well what did you say?

Daughter: I told her that she should go talk to the counselor, but she thought that would make things worse, and I told her I would go with her, and she said ok. And that’s where we were!

Father: Sounds like you were being a good friend, and gave some good advice, but I just would have appreciated knowing where you were.

Daughter: Yes, I know, I am sorry. I just couldn't leave Lisa.

Father: Well I understand how emotional that was, I just would've appreciated a chance for you to check in with me.