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SPR Meeting Features NIDA International Poster Session

NIDA International Program Associate Director Dale Weiss and Society for Prevention Research (SPR) President Felipe Gonzalez Castro, Ph.D., University of Texas at El Paso, welcomed participants to the 8th Annual NIDA International SPR Poster Session. The poster session was held May 26, 2015, in conjunction with the SPR Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. The sixteen posters highlighted drug and alcohol abuse prevention research featuring U.S. collaborations with prevention researchers in 12 nations. NIDA provided travel awards to nine researchers: Tatiana de Castro Amato and Elaine Lucas Dos Santos, Brazil; Alejandro Lobo, Mexico; Anilena Mejia, Panama; Aliia Farkhatovna Makhamatova, Russia; Lisa Wegner, South Africa; Johanna Gripenberg, Sweden; Rogers Kasirye, Uganda; and Valeriy V. Ryabukha, Ukraine.

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