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What Matters - Evidence Based Prevention Programs and Strategies

NIDA I-Science feature: Kevin Haggerty, MSW PhD Director, Center for Communities That Care discusses, "What Matters - Evidence Based Prevention Programs and Strategies" CADCA 2017



Kevin Haggerty Speaking: Communities matter because when you get a diverse group of people working on prevention science and they are involved in a way where they are learning new skills as well, we know it can transform prevention systems and communities.

So, our research has demonstrated that. 

We know we can create a more protective environment for kids.

When communities focus on building and enhancing strong protection we’ve been able to measure that a community can be a more protective environment for kids to grow.

So, protection matters. Science matters, that’s the third thing.

Science matters, we have evidence that tells us what works and we also have evidence to tell us what doesn’t work.

And that’s important because communities should not be investing in the things that don’t work.


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