Thoughts on Recovery: Rhonda

Video length: 2:23


Rhonda speaking:

Well my name is Rhonda.  And I’m 21 years old. I have two wonderful children, seven and one.

I began using at 14. I came into recovery at 19 going on 20. Today I have 21, 21 months clean.

And… I’m a college student today.

This is my first year, and I’m very proud to be a recovering addict today.

Interviewer speaking:

What is the most important thing you've learned through addiction and recovery?

Rhonda speaking:

That I deserve better. That I am worthy to be loved and cared for and that I’m worthy to, do the right things. 

I’ve learned that you can make mistakes but picking yourself up and learning from those mistakes is what makes the situation better.

Not dwelling on what you did wrong, not beating yourself up about it… learning from a mistake that you’ve made, and growing from it, gives you the opportunity to know that, 

“Ok, I don’t wanna do that. I can’t do this, but this is a way that I can do this.”

You know, when it comes to addiction there’s no right way to get high… it’s just don’t get high at all.

I don’t care what substance you abuse, in the long run you get the same effect…alcohol, weed, crack cocaine, heroin, whatever.

You know, you get the same effect. Because you’re always trying to get one more and the insanity that comes with it may be worse for some people or some situations, but for me, I was insane.

So I learned to just maintain. I can’t continue to say it enough, one day at a time. 

Because nothing is guaranteed.