Thoughts on Recovery: Michelle

Video length: 1:50


Michelle speaking:

My name’s Michelle and I’m 59 years old and... I’ve been addicted to drugs for… since 1993.

My choice of drug was crack cocaine…beer, it really did a job, you know, on me.

Learning now how not to use drugs is the best thing that ever happened to me, you know.

And coming to Drexel outpatient is one of them, you know. 

And the people here are really, really great and helped me a lot in order to understand that drugs is an addiction.

And, you know, and we need help to get better with it.

You can’t do it by yourself, I tried that.

And it’s not, you can’t do it… can’t do it.

Interviewer speaking:

What is the most important thing you've learned through addiction and recovery?]

Michelle speaking:

The most important thing I’ve learned is… never do it again… that I don’t have… that I have choices today.

And a choice is not to pick up another drug, or drink or anything.

I mean, don’t put down the cigarettes, but yea, I have choices today.

So, that’s important to me, you know.

And, where I’m at, I have good people around me, you know, to help me.

I think I… I think I can get… I’m on the right track.