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NIDA's 2015 Avenir Awards Announced

Director of the Division of Basic Neuroscience and Behavioral Research at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Dr. Joni Rutter announces the first six recipients of the two newly developed Avenir Award programs for genetics or epigenetics research and for HIV/AIDS and substance abuse research.


Dr. Joni Rutter Speaking:

Avenir means future in French and the Avenir Award support early career early-stageinvestigatorswho are looking at the genetics and epigenetics of addiction as well asHIV in substance use.

We have two awardees for the genetics and epigenetics Avenir and four awardees for the HIV and substance abuse Avenir.

So six total for our inaugural year and we're really looking forward to seeing how these investigators can really advance addiction science.

For the genetics and epigenetics Avenir Awards we will have a couple of researchers investigating really the very basic mechanisms of drug abuse and how drugs and use impact the brain.

For the 2nd Avenir Award for HIV and substance abuse they are going to be looking at also basic science of how HIV impacts the brain but also there will be other investigators who will be looking at approaches that take into account treatments and interventions for preventing HIV within the drug abusing population.

It's important to have a good number of awardees in the first year because they represent the future this mechanism and the future of addiction research in these two fields.

We also hope that it sets the bar it sets the tone of future grantees to apply so if you’re early stage early career investigator who may not have done substance abuse research before but who are interested have novel methodologies within the field of genetics and epigenetics and HIV research we'd love for you to apply those technologies to addiction and this is the award for you.


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