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NIDA's 2013 Avant-Garde Awards Announced

Director of The National Institute on Drug Abuse AIDS Research Program, Dr. Jacques Normand introduces the 2013 Avant-Garde awards.


Dr. Jacques Normand:

We are pleased to announce the NIDA 2013 Avant-Garde Awards.

This year we have a really great group.

The award has been gaining popularity within the field of HIV over the last few years and it is attracting very creative and well-established researchers.

It was modeled after the NIH Pioneer Award.

It has little differences one of the major difference is that the NIDA Avant-Garde award is focusing exclusively on areas of research that will be beneficial to drug abusing population and HIV/AIDS.

The actual award is open to anyone that wants to apply with a creative idea that has potential for tremendous public health impact.

It is not limited for Senior people it is open for junior faculty members, or researchers working for various labs, be it private, public or within a research university.

We have issued the 2014 announcement calling for applications for the Avant-Garde award for the coming year.

The actual receipt date for that announcement is Nov. 6, 2013 and we encourage applicants to take a look at the announcement that is posted on our webpage.

This page was last updated August 2013