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NIDA TV Spotlight on Dr. Thomas D'Aunn

NIDATV interview with Columbia University's, Dr. Thomas D'Aunno following an NIH-NIDA hosted event titled, "The Use of Evidence-Based Practices in The Nation's Opioid Treatment System, 2005-2011," Wednesday, March 13, 2013 in Rockville, Maryland.


Dr. Thomas D'Aunn Speaking:

We are fortunate enough to be funded by NIDA and the National Institute on Health to examine one major question I think that is important in the field and that is under what conditions do substance abuse treatment providers use evidence-based practices in prevention and treatment.

There is at least one really important question that we would like to follow up on, there is a new type of treatment that's called buprenorphine out there and more providers are using this treatment which is shown to work, but for some reason we have found that for some providers that are using buprenorphine are doing less HIV testing.

We really want to find out why that is the case and seeing if we can reverse it because HIV testing for their clients is so important.

When states follow CDC guidelines for HIV testing the programs located in those states are more likely to do HIV testing.

We need to do much more research to develop understanding of why treatment providers around the country have different types in our health services system don't use evidence based practices as they should.

We know a lot about what works in the United States but we are not using nearly enough of it for the health of our Nation.

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