NIDA Pays Tribute to Dr. Lloyd Johnston

Video length: 1:18


Dr. Volkow:

There are no words to actually, thank him for how important his work has been and I realized that he is stepping down as a PI, but I also know his passion for this topic and I know he will continue to be involved.

So, I look forward for many more years of interaction with Lloyd. 

I mean, I always learn something from him.

Dr. Compton:

I, personally have been a fan of Monitoring the Future since long before I came to the NIH.

I think it's been a remarkable resource to understand drug use trends in the United States and that's really because of Dr. Johnston's consistency in how he asks the questions.

So, he doesn't respond if fads or major changes but he makes sure that he's able to connect the dots in terms of look at rates of drug use year after year by measuring this phenomenon in reasonably consistently.

Of course, there had to be some changes over time, but I'm very appreciative of his ability to do this in a remarkably even and consistent way.