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This Is NIDA: Opioids



More Than 115 Americans Die After Overdosing On Opioids Every Day

Emergency Room Visits And Deaths Related To Opioid Overdose Have More Than Quadrupled In The Last 15 Years And Continue To Rise 1,2.

The Misuse Of And Addiction To Opioids—Including Prescription Pain Relievers, Heroin, And Fentanyl—Is A National Crisis. 

The CDC Estimates Nearly Half Of All Opioid Overdose Deaths Involve A Prescription Opioid 3.

Prescription Opioids, Also Known As Happy Pills, Percs, Vikes, Oxy, And Many Other Names, Can Be Addictive 4

Learn More About Opioids At Drugabuse.Gov/Opioids


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