NIDA Director's Quotes: National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week press release video, introduced by NIDA Director, Dr. Nora Volkow.

Video length: 1:52


Dr. Nora Volkow speaking:

The opioid crisis affects everybody and it's very important for teenagers to be knowledgeable about the effects and dangers of taking opiate medication or opioids drugs like heroin and since they are increasingly available this is a particularly urgent need for education teenagers.

Drug and Alcohol Facts Week is very important for me because it provides a means for us to communicate to teenagers information regarding the use of drugs and alcohol and teenagers are vulnerable actually to try to experiment with new things but they are also vulnerable because their brain is still developing and it is at that stage that the effects of drugs are more likely to be harmful.

So we want to provide with enough knowledge so that they know why it is not a good idea to experiment with drugs.

This observance is not just for teens because everybody in that community ultimately influences a teens decision to take drugs so, teachers, community providers all of them can make a big difference in helping teenagers make the right decision when it comes to drugs.

The way that teens can get the most of this observance is actually by being active participants and by conveying the importance of others, their friends, their teachers, of also participating in the observance.

I want to also particularly recommend any teenager that is interested or has questions about drugs to participate in Chat Day, which is going to be on Jan. 22.

It's an opportunity to ask questions on what you don't know answers about, but also to also to engage actively in a activities that can help you as a teenager educate others in your community.