Monitoring and Limit Setting: Privilege Removal (Family Checkup)

Video length: 2:13


(The Right Way to Give Consequences)

(Example 1)

Dad: You weren’t home by 5:00, so tomorrow you need to be home by 4:30.

Daughter: But that’s not fair Max...

Dad: no, no, no you know the rule. Home by 5:00, unless you have special permission.

(Example 2)

Mom: Emily, you had Jenny over when no one was home. You know the rule, there is no one allowed in the house if parents aren’t home. That means no friends for the rest of the night. No internet, no phone, no texting. Do you understand?

Daughter: This is ridiculous, you know Jenny!

Mom: This is not negotiable. You know the rule. If there are no parents home, there is no one allowed in the house.

(Example 3)

Mom: Gabe, the rule is no playing till homework is done.

Son: I was just taking a break.

Mom: the rule is, homework first and then play. Remember the consequence is 15 minutes less playtime tonight. Do you understand?

Son: I guess!

(Example 4)

Dad: Mikayla, the rule is you each get an hour a night, unless we talk about it the day before. You have not let your brother have his turn. That means no computer for you tomorrow.

Daughter: That’s not fair! I have something really important I am doing.

Dad: The rule is an hour a night. You’ve been on it for two hours.

Daughter: I can’t believe you are doing this to me.

Dad: No computer time tomorrow, end of discussion.