Life's Complicated Enough NIDA

Video length: 1:14


Female teen speaking:

I was offered a drug.

Chose to try it.

Felt weird but good.

Chose to try it again.

Started looking for chances to get high.

Flunked a few tests at school.

Missed mom's birthday.

Found a connection to score drugs.

Quit after school stuff to get a job.

Use the money to help pay for drugs.

Was tired a lot.

Started showing up late to work.

Got fired.

Toldvmom and dad I quit.

Met kids from another school.

Then started dealing.

Got busted for drug possession.

Dad picked me up at the station house.

Things seems hopeless.

Felt sad. Felt sad for no reason.

Couldn't seem to shake the blues.

Opted for treatment instead of juvie.

Heard all about how drugs were bad for my health.

Didn't listen.

Got high with a friend once treatment was over.

Began to feel out of touch.

Things went downhill fast at home.

Chose to go back to treatment.

This time for real.

Starting to feel different after a few months.

Calmer. More hopeful.

Learned a lot about drugs and how they affect my body and my mind.

Didn't graduate high school with great grades but did graduate.

Male narrator speaking:

Life's complicated enough.

Make smart decisions about drugs