Hear from Recovering Patients: George

Video length: 1:44


George speaking:

Everybody’s different. Everybody... addicts, they have different needs. 

Their lifestyles are different.

Some guys, you might use drugs so long you just don’t know how to address your own problem.  

They have to be open-minded with each patient. 

I think they should take time with their patients… and try to address some of their needs and send them to other places… some people just need to be educated about other things.

A lot of times, if you put a person in an environment where everyone’s trying to help themselves, it’ll help them, too. 

It’s these 12 step programs. They’re very good for addicts.

Drug prevention, you just don’t, just… just go and listen.

Sometimes, you know, I know, like a doctor’s not an addict, some of them are not addicts, or most of them are not addicts, they need to sit down and, maybe sit in on some meetings.

Some of the 12 step meetings.

I have seen people do that at some of the 12 step meetings, and take notes, or listen to meetings like that on tapes.

They might have some on tape, you know.

Those are the things that I think a doctor should do to help recovering addicts.