Hear from Recovering Patients: Cliff

Video length: 1:26


Cliff speaking:

I you know certainly remember when I was a medical student and you'd see street people come in and you know they'd be throwing up blood and on death's door and you patch them up and tell them if you ever drink again you're going to die and and they come back.

You'd see him a lot of times coming back you know and sometimes they would die so I never understood.

Again I thought it was all a matter of willpower.

I didn't understand the tenacious nebulous nature of addiction.

How it gradually creeps into your life and the whole denial process.

So, I guess what I would say to other physicians, would be understand that the the person does have a disease.

That although willpower comes into it, once the disease has its grips on you, and the thinking is skewed, you know it's it's extremely difficult.

And the other thing I would like to say would be please don't prescribe controlled substances to people who were alcoholics and things like that.

I see, even with my own partners, after I got sober and talked to him somebody would come in who is recovering, and they would give them cough syrup with codeine and things like that which are definite triggers.

I don't think people quite understand that the cross addiction potential there.