Example 2: Underachievement in School and Daily Encouragement (Family Checkup)

Video length: 1:46


(Scene 1: Dad gets angry)

Dad: Brian! Come over here. You know I am looking at this report card and it looks a lot as the last one you brought home. What’s going on at school?

Son: Hey I got a C in math!

Dad: Yeah, you got a D in P.E. and an incomplete in government. How’d you manage that? And I am telling you, you’re watching too much TV.

Son: What do you expect from me? You should be glad I’m even going to school.

Dad: Ohh I expect you to go to school every day and I expect you to study hard and bring your grades up. And by the way, I’ve had it with your attitude. You’re going to make some serious changes around here mister.

Son: Nothing is ever good enough for you.

(Scene 2: Dad stays calm and positive)

Dad: Brian, can you come up here for a minute?... We need to talk about your report card.

Son: Yeah, I guess!

Dad: But first, I think is good you’ve brought up your math grade.

Son: Yeah, thanks!

Dad: But it looks like you got a ways to go with some of these other subjects, especially P.E and Government.

Son: Hey, I’ve been trying!

Dad: You know I’ve noticed and that’s good. I think maybe I can help by checking in with you every day and making sure your getting your homework done. Ok?

Son: ok!

Dad: You know, why don’t we sit down Sunday night and talk about how we can do this?

Son: Alright!

Dad: Alright!