#CPDD What's Hot - Public Health Potential of E-cigarette

2015 Oral Abstract Presenter, Matthew Johnson, Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore shares a summary from his abstract, "Use patterns, perceptions of relative harm and gender effects in dual users of electronic and tobacco cigarettes," at the College on Problems of Drug Dependence Annual Meeting. #CPDD15 #CPDD2015

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Matthew Johnson Speaking:

There is a lot of concerns and it’s appropriate about the potential downside of e-cigarettes but we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that this may be one the biggest game changers in terms of changing the course of tobacco use and the incredible mortality that comes from it.

People reported a rather large reduction in the amount of tobacco cigarettes that they smoked since using e-cigarettes, in fact among those who reduced we saw a 60 percent reduction from 10 cigarettes a day to 4 cigarettes a day.

So we think there's a lot of public health potential in terms, from harm reduction perspective for e-cigarettes.

Although certainly more research is needed to investigate potential harms from e-cigarettes.