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#CPDD What's Hot - Opioid Deaths in Women

2015 Oral Abstract Presenter, Dr. Janetta Iwanicki from the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center in Denver, Colorado shares a summary from her abstract, "Prescription opioid death rates are greater for females than males," at the College on Problems of Drug Dependence Annual Meeting. #CPDD15 #CPDD2015



Janetta Iwanicki Speaking:

We found that over a,gosh seven-year period women were more likely than men to be prescribed opioids by about 31 percent women were more likely to die that man by about 45 percent during that time frame.

We see that the trends for men and women are similar but the overall risk for women its greater.

And some that risk may be due to the fact that women are prescribed more opioids than men.

The biggest take-home message is that women are at higher risk than men for opioid related deaths and that we may want to tailor our substance abuse treatment more appropriately towards women.


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