Communication Skills: Negotiating Solutions (Family Checkup)

Video length: 2:11


Mom: Ok! So we both agree that we are tired of the struggles in the morning, and we’d like to have a good start to the day. One idea I have, is that you could go to bed earlier.

Daughter: No way!

Mom: Wait! Remember, we are just brainstorming ideas here so... I will write mine down. What is your idea?

Daughter: You have to stay in my room until I am fully awake.

Mom: I could just let you sleep and let you get up on your own.

Alright! Now that we’ve got our list, let’s figure out what would work best. The first idea was going to bed earlier. I think it’s a good idea, but I know in the past it’s hard for you to fall asleep when you go to bed earlier.

Daughter: Yeah, I’m just not ready to sleep. Can we cross that one off?

Mom: Ok! The next one, is for me to stay in your room until you wake up. Well that’s hard on me because then I am not getting myself ready. So off the list, ok?

Daughter: Right! I think maybe we should try the one about getting a really annoying alarm and then me earning points towards something I want if I get up on time. What do you think?

Mom: I think that’s a great idea. You’ve combined two of our ideas. Let’s try it out this week, after I get that alarm.