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CEWG Region Report: Drug Abuse in Philadelphia, June 2013

Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services', Director of Research and Evaluation Community Behavioral Health Suet Lim, Ph.D. is a member of NIDA's Community Epidemiology Work Group. In this interview she presents, 'Highlights and Summaries' from her June 2013 Report on 'Drug Abuse in Philadelphia."



Suet Lim Ph.D.: Philadelphia has a serious drug problem and the drugs that we typically see are heroin, cocaine, marijuana.

I'm finding that heroin indicators are up so possibly a growing problem for Philadelphia.

The other finding that I have is the use of also some different prescription drugs.

It looks like benzodiazepines may be a growing problem for Philadelphia.

For treatment, what we're finding is people who come in primarily for marijuana or cocaine problems, that a lot of them also have benzodiazepines as part of their mix.

It is difficult to tell if people taking thier own drugs or if they're taking, you know, somebody else's drugs.

What focus group that we've done with youths previously indicate that youth are taking other people's drugs.

And we believe that there is a drug diversion problem in Philadelphia but we need to look into that a little bit more.

Reporting for the CEWG focuses on on drug problems, drug trends, patents and so on.

Well I like to make sure is that we do not lose the message of recovery because Philadelphia does believe that people can recover from the substance use disorders and such problems, and that it is a journey, and not simply a one time deal where you come into treatment, that's it.

And we recognize that.


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