Addiction Science Fair Winners: Nkima Stephenson

Video length: 1:09



Nkima Stephenson speaking:

My name is Nkima Stephenson, so my project was on the effects of your environment on the gene expression. I used several online programs, including Gene Weaver to analyze many different sources of data to find out the relationship between epigenetic mechanisms and how it affects different genes in your brain to cause increase or decrease susceptibility to drug addiction.

I had a lot of really good teachers, I will say that. They were really enthusiastic about the topic and encouraged me to explore my interests further.  So, I was the only 6th grader in our school to do science fair at all and I did it on the chemistry of salt the fridge. And, ever since then I have always loved the ability to do whatever I wanted.

Google is your friend, if you want to learn more about any type of topic and once you have exhausted Google, there are real people out there studying it as well. Reach out to those people at your local colleges or schools and ask them for help.

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