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2013 ISEF Addiction Science Award Winners Visit NIDA



Josie Anderson: The 2013 International Science and Engineering Fair announced its Addiction Science winners this summer.

Five high school students were recognized for their innovative research and invited to present their projects to the National Institute on Drug Abuse director, staff and Friends of NIDA.

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William Dewey: "The reason that Friends of NIDA supports this event is trying to encourage these young people to stay in the field of drug research as they decide a career for themselves."

Charles O'Keeffe: "The depth of their understanding of science is just enough to blow me away!"

Zarin Rahman: "It was definitely a great honor and opportunity to present to a panel of scientists that I hope to be a part of one day, and it was a little bit nervous, but I was very excited to share my research with them and hear kind of the feedback."

Josie Anderson: During their visit, the young scientists took a personal tour throughout the National Institutes of Health campus, including the virtual reality labs.

The experience helped them realize the very "personal connection" they have with today's science.

Gili Rusak: Anything you want to do with science, you can find something you are good at and contribute to it.

"These people are really saving lives, and they are really making an impact to someone else's life. And that's huge."

Alaina Sonksen: "At the beginning of the school year I didn't really know what to expect coming into science research and getting to do an experiment of my own, so it is pretty awesome to be able to make it this far. Definitely a cool experience is what I am taking away from it."

A "cool experience," and a passion for something that NIDA's Addiction Science winners can't wait to share.

Zarin Rahman: "I know science can seem daunting at times, but honestly it can be very, very interesting."

Gili Rusak: "Everything about science is exciting."

Zohaib Moonis: "Yeah...science!"

Josie Anderson: For NIDA TV, I'm Josie Anderson, Rockville, Maryland.

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Josie Anderson: For more information on this year's ISEF Addiction Science winners and their projects, please go to www.drugabuse.gov, and search 'science fair.'

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