About the Research Training & Career Development Newsletter

Welcome to the NIDA Research Training and Career Development Newsletter! Our goal with this newsletter is to provide those supported by or directing NIDA Fellowships (Fs), Institutional Training Grants (T32s, K12s), and Career Development Awards (Ks) with up-to-date and late-breaking information about policy changes, upcoming events, research findings, and funding opportunities of particular interest to this community. We know that you are probably subscribed to other lists, but we hope that you find this newsletter a valuable addition for keeping abreast of news tailored to the NIDA research community. If you find the newsletter useful, be sure to subscribe so that you will continue to receive future editions. We will not contact you beyond this initial communication without your subscription.

Who We Are

The NIDA Office of Research Training is located within the Division of Extramural Research and we coordinate the institute’s training and career development efforts. We help applicants navigate eligibility requirements for the various funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) including the Loan Repayment Program, determine if their research aims align with the NIDA scientific mission, understand the NIH Grants Policy Statement, and connect with NIDA subject matter experts to fully develop research proposals. If you have questions, please reach out at NIDA_Training@nida.nih.gov. We are happy to help!

Michele Rankin, PhD Michele Rankin, PhD
Flair Lindsey Flair Lindsey
Program Analyst
Gillian Acca, PhD Gillian Acca, PhD
Policy Analyst