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Bringing the Power of Science to Bear on Drug Abuse and Addiction

4: Is it worth the risk?

Is it worth the risk?

What percentage of people who experiment with drugs will become addicted? [Pause for responses.] Right now, science doesn’t have the answer to that question. The effects of drugs on the brain are still being studied and explored.

And when we talk about drugs, we are not just talking about cocaine and marijuana and amphetamines and inhalants. Nicotine is highly addictive too, and, for many people, so is alcohol. Forget the stereotype of a drug addict hanging out on a dangerous street corner. Anyone can get hooked on drugs - your friends, members of your family, your neighbors.

Trying a drug just because a friend says it’s “cool,” might cost you much more than you bargained for. So every person in this room has to decide for themselves: Is it worth the risk?

The good news is: Help is available.

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