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Brain Power: Grades 2-3


The activities listed below provide links to other areas in the curriculum. These activities also make use of the trading cards included in the module.

  1. While being careful not to touch it, take the "cigarette" water from the experiment and put it in a spray bottle. Put clear water in a second spray bottle. Place two house plants in the same spot outside. Spray one with the cigarette water and the other with the clear water. Observe the two plants for a week. Are bugs staying away from the plant sprayed with cigarette water? If so, that is not a surprise. The chemicals in tobacco are pesticides. (Note: Be very careful when conducting this experiment. The students may be disturbed by the thought of killing bugs.)
  2. Discuss with the class what an advertisement is. What are the elements of an ad? What are ads designed to do? Then ask students to design an ad for kids with the purpose of convincing them to never start smoking. Students can use pictures from magazines, drawings, or computer art to create an attractive and convincing ad.
  3. Using the neurotransmission model from Module 3, have students simulate what happens when nicotine replaces the neurotransmitter in the synapse. Have students discuss what functions nicotine affects. (Nicotine changes heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory functions.)

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