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Brain Power: Grades K-1

Your Amazing Brain (Module 3)

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During the first two modules of the Brain Power!Program, students learned about scientists, the work they do, and the steps they use to solve problems. Now, students will focus on the one subject that all the scientists showcased in Module 2 have in common—the brain. During this mission, students discover that the brain plays an important role in everything we do, from thinking to playing and feeling to breathing.

Students will be introduced to the brain by working in groups to make outlines of the body. After the outlines are completed, students will cut out pictures of the brain and paste them onto the heads of the body outlines. Then, they will find pictures in magazines showing examples of the brain’s many functions. Next, students will use pictures of different facial expressions, such as happy, sad, and angry, to learn that the brain is also responsible for our emotions. Finally, students will discuss the role of the senses as a way the brain gets important information.

Learning Objectives

  • Students learn about the brain and its different functions.
  • Students learn that the senses are a key way the brain receives information.
  • Students discover that the brain is responsible for our ability to experience emotions.

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