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Brain Power: Grades K-1

Meet the Scientists (Module 2)

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In Module 1, students discussed their ideas about scientists and the kind of work that they do. The students also became aware of their misconceptions about scientists and realized that scientists work in a wide range of specialties and come from all walks of life.

In today’s lesson, students will watch a video introducing them to specific scientists. The scientists will explain their research by identifying what problems they set out to solve, how they solved—or attempted to solve—the problems, and what conclusions they were able to draw from their experiments. Students will then develop posters explaining each scientist’s work in terms of the four steps of inquiry:

  • Observe - Check out the problem.
  • Predict - Time to make a good guess.
  • Experiment - Is your guess right? Find out by doing an experiment.
  • Conclude - Put the pieces together to figure out what’s really going on.

After completing their posters, students will discover that all these scientists have one thing in common: They are all studying the brain and how it works.

Learning Objectives

  • Students learn about specific scientists and the work that they do.
  • Students develop posters explaining the work of each scientist in terms of the steps of scientific inquiry.
  • Students discover that all the scientists they learned about are studying the brain.

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